Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Edge of Coins

The side of the coin is called the "Edge" of the coin. Various kind of patterns and shapes are placed around the edge to prevent counterfeiting of coins by making it difficult to copy. Followings are the different kinds of edge which can be found in coin :

Plain EdgeNo markings of any kind in the edges.

Grooved EdgeA groove is place halfway across and all around the edge. It looks like to coin glued together.

Reeded EdgeFine serration all around the edge. Comes in various depth of serration and sometimes serrations are inclined though in most cases serrations are fine and vertical. It also known as milled edge or filed edge.

Security EdgeGrooved edge coin when have design, serrations or letterings in the groove called the security edge.

Inscribed Edgeplain or reeded edge having lettering all around its rim called inscribed edge. 

Indented EdgePlain or reeded edge with notch or indents placed with uniform spacing called indented edge.

Interrupted Reeded EdgeEdge having alternate sections of palin and reeded edge called interrupted reeded edge. The number and length of the sections varies coin to coin.

Serrated Edge Serrations in reeded edge if looks like 'V' shaped and the very deep, then it called the serrated edge. Mostly can be seen in ancient coins where serrations and made by hand using chisel. 

PolygonThese are rather shape varieties rather than edge varieties but I include it in the edge varieties because its the edge which is 10 sided or scalloped. Mostly comes with plain edge but sometimes reeded edge also can be found.


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  3. I bought a 1806 British half penny with a plain edge with reeded groove. It's really cool looking. At first I thought it was counterfeit with obverse and reverse melted together, but I have sinse found others so I think it's legit.