Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Coin Collection

As I said in my previous blog about Matchbox Collection that at some point of time I collect everything, from toffee wrapper to stamps. Coin collecting is one of the three hobbies (along with matchbox and stamp collecting) I still have and hopefully will have for rest of my life.

I started my coin collecting at around age of 10. I didn't knew most of the rules and had no resources so I only collect commemorative coins I got through circulation. At my college days  this hobby was buried with all other hobbies. It gain a renewed interest when I open a account in EBay in  2009 to buy some stamps.There I saw the vast number of coins and I realized that I know nothing about the world of coins.

After that I started collecting coin seriously and started to educate myself about numismatics.At that time I also realize that I have to focous on some subjetcs because I am not wealthy enough to collect all kinds of coin.So I focused on Republic India Coinage which I thought would be easyest to collect and will be the cheapest.But I was not entairly correct. Though I got many coins pretty easily, many coins prior to 1970 still eludes me. This is mostly because the rarity of good coin dealers in Kolkata and the expensive price tags in online stores.

I starting this blog...well I don't know why. Probably because seeing so many blogs about coin I also want to show off my collection though there is not much to show off . I hope this blog helps people someway.

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