Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Coin Collection 2

From now on I going to publish Image of my coin with as much information I know/ collect about them. Besides commemorative coins, I also publish images of definitive coins from my collection. But the thing is none of my sets are complete so I will start publish incomplete sets without any blank places for missing coins(but i will mention the missing coins) and update them as soon as I get new/ better coins for those sets.

I also have some coins from foreign countries. I will publish their Image as well.

I will also keep publishing informations about coins and coin collecting.The pages I want to publish in this category are "error", Grading" and a numismatic terminology dictionary( a concise one ). Lets see when I can get the time for make them....

Oh! and you may sometime notice a red arrow-head (full or partial) at the bottom of the coin image. Those are just marks I used for marking the coin I put in the flip among all other coins from that year( I scan all the coins at once and compare them for differences in my computer screen. This way I can find minute details and differences easily)

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